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This gargantuan eastern European country, Russia, is bordered by Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and the Atlantic Ocean. Russia is famous for its sights and landmarks, tourist attractions and ever changing climate. Read on to find out why you should travel to this amazing place…..

Over the world tourists practically run to Russia to see its amazing natural and man made sights and landmarks. Russia is very well known for the world famous Baikal, in eastern Russia, which is the deepest freshwater lake on earth. Located also in Russia is Mount Elbrus, famous throughout the world for being the tallest peak in Europe.

If YOU are looking for a decent holiday destination with beautiful architecture and landmarks, then look no further than Russia! There’s the soothing Bolshoi theatre with the oldest, and probably the most famous ballet companies in the world, the red square created as a market square next to the Kremlin in the 15-16th centuries, the red square is still the heart and soul of Russia. Also the fascinating Armoury, Moscow’s oldest museum housing astounding artefacts, thrones, carriages, foreign jewels and obviously armour!
The climate in Russia depends on when you go! The climate varies from being boiling hot in July and August and freezing cold in November to march. If you prefer basking in the boiling sun, then visit the black sea. If you love to wrap up warm and trek across snowy wastelands then attempt to go to the freezing plains of Siberia.

Russian currency is the Rubles.

The food is based mainly on peasant dishes

This astonishing country, Russia, is sure to shine a light on all puzzled tourists looking for a holiday destination with more than you can imagine all in one huge place. I hope this report has encouraged you to travel to the one and only Russia.

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Researched and written by Frank Hayward.