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Australia is a country in the southern Hemisphere. It is south of New Guinea and Indonesia and its surrounded by lots of different seas including the Indian Ocean. New Zealand is S E from Australia in theTasman Sea.

Tourists flock to Australia to see Sydney Opera House.Sydney, home to the harbour, is a colossal, busy city in Australia. Located in Perth are two art festivals a year and one fashion festival. Also to see the beautiful Ayers Rock.

In Australia the climate is hot but in the Outback it is a lot hotter. In Melbourne they
have the same seasons as England; Winter , Summer, Spring and Autumn.

A good sized country south to New Guinea Australia is a fantastic holiday destination.
With its amazing structures, music and climate Australiahas much to offer tourists.
Whether they are keen to see Harbour Bridge, listen to the amazing Operas and stay in
the sun, visitors to Australia will leave amazed.

By Daisy Culverhouse

In Australia there is lots of amazing animals.
By Joshua

Tourists will go to Perth. For the lovely scene is full of wildlife and warm air. Perth is located in the south west of Australia. Its bright water is clear perfect for scuba diving.
by Louis faria-softly.

The currency in Australia is Australian dollars.

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