Cape Verde

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Cape Verde is a group of islands surrounded by lots of beautiful beaches and lots of warm sea. It’s to the West of Africa.The islands in Cape Verde are: Brava, Sal, Maio, Fogo, Sao Vicente, Mindelo, Sao Antoa, San Nicolatt, Boa Vista and Santigo. The capital cape-verde-flag.jpgis Praia but Praia isn’t an island, it’s on the island Santigo. Cape Verde is very popular for its sights. Fogo Island, one of the ten islands in Cape Verde, has the only active volcano that you can visit called Pico de Fogo. Located on the island of Boa Vista, the biggest desert on Cape Verde is called Deserto De Viana. The food at Cape Verde is very popular with the tourists.Cape Verde is known for yummy foods, like Cachupa and fresh wine The favourite meal is made out of noodles, vegetables and chicken is usually served on the at the capital, which is called Praia. The food is similar to British food, but the villagers make it more exotic with fruits and vegetables.A group of islands next to Africa, Cape Verde is a brilliant holiday destination. With its islands, sights and food, Cape Verde has lots to offer tourists. Whether they are keen to visit the different islands, see the sights or taste the lovely delicacies, visitors to Cape Verde will leave satisfied.
Most tourists get to Cape Verde by plane. Planes, big and small, leave from all over the world to get to Cape Verde. To get too Cape Verde by plane from London is 4-8 hours and it costs £200.
By Rio Lewin.

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