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Dubai is bordered by Saudi Arabia,Oman and is in United Arab Emirates. It is next to the Persian Gulf. It is East of Europe.

Tourist flock to Dubai to see the tallest building in the world,Burj Khalifa Dubai has lovely blue waters of the Arabic sea. The Palm Islands are in the Arabic sea. Called this because it's shaped like a palm tree, Palm Islands has Atlantis hotel on the bridge. Located in the sea is Burj Al Arab which is the most expensive hotel in the world also there is Sege Republic

In Dubai they eat shawarma and falafel, which are traditional dishes .The climate in Dubai is hot and humid.Dubai Currency is Dirhams.

A small country in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a fantastic holiday destination, with its amazing sights, tasty food and fabulous heat. Whether they are keen to see the most expensive hotel in the world, try shawarma or sit on the sea side in the glorious heat, tourists will enjoy Dubai.

By Tasmin,Hannah and Joshua.s

Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world.palm_islands.jpg
By Joshua

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