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Israel is small country in the Middle East it is a fantastic holiday destination for the whole family. With its manmade and natural sights Israel has much to offer tourists. Whether you are keen to float in The Dead Sea or see The Bethlehem Church ( Also town were Jesus was born). Israel is a fabulous holiday destination by the Red Sea.
In Israel there is a town called Nazareth were Jesus grew up and also Jerusalem were Jesus was crucified. Israel is well known for the wailing wall.

Located in Israel is Bethlehem. Tourists flock to this place because its home to the stable where Jesus was born. This has been changed into a church called The Bethlehem church.

Israel is home to many sights such as Tower of David’s Museum and the Bible lands Museum. You can also come to Israel’s beautiful markets with lots of lovely stalls.

By Erin, Amina, Thomas and Alfie

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