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Are you looking for a Holiday?

With our class topic being 'The Holiday Show' we looked at various holiday destinations such as Russia, Cape verde, Australia, Israel, Japan, Dubai, Spain, Kenya, Finland and Italy. We researched the countries in groups to find out what they have to offer. Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Using-a-Travel-Agency.gif

Follow through our wiki pages to help you decide which of these would be your ideal holiday destination.
By considering cost, tourist attractions, sights, accomodation, culture and important events and important people, we can work out where we would like to holiday.
This chart shows that from our survey most people chose 'Sights' as the most significant reason to choose a holiday destination. What is yours?

Please browse through our Wiki to find out more. Why not have a look (and listen) to what happened when our parents were invited into our school for our very own 'Holiday Shop afternoon' ??